Are you prepared for a ZOOM interview? Tips to Improve!

Jan 26, 2023




Are you prepared for a ZOOM interview?

We are currently living in a post-pandemic era. We are already accustomed to remote work and delivery services, which means that a significant portion of the workforce will encounter virtual job interviews. Conducting an interview through zoom or video call requires far more effort than conducting one in person, particularly if you want your virtual "interview" to be successful.

Test Your Internet Speed: You must ensure that your connection is not pixelated. is a quick and easy way to test your speed. No WiFi option? You could also use your phone as an internet hotspot; check with your carrier to see if this is a possibility for you.

Check Your Computer’s Charge: Can you imagine logging on moments before your interview and seeing your battery is at 7%? Confirm that your device is fully charged and that the audio is working prior to the event. If you're using wireless headphones, such as Airpods, they, too, will require charging.

Test Setup: Be sure to download Zoom and get in at least one practice interview before the real event. Practice, practice, practice—both with technology and in your environment, as well as for the actual interview. Invite a friend to dial in and provide feedback on your device's lighting, audio, video, and height. The camera should be at eye level, so you want to take note of that. You should be aware of how to mute and unmute yourself, as well as how to activate the video function, chat, and end a call, to avoid any awkward moments. Conduct a test drive of your setup.

What to wear: Bear in mind that everything you choose should be both visually appealing on camera and professional. Avoid distracting stripes or bright colors, and clothing that is the same shade as your background.

In other words, dress to impress, aim for solid colors.

Check Your Background: You are not required (and should not) to upload a fake photo backdrop for the call. Rather than that, choose a calm, clutter-free area in your home that is devoid of distractions. Ask yourself, "What are the titles of the books behind you?" "What are the details of the poster on your wall?"  You may be accustomed to your background and overlook the fact that your Zoom interview may notice something you don't.

Lighting: It may be worthwhile to invest in an affordable ring light or simple lamps to ensure that your face is well-lit and free of shadows. The most critical rule to remember when photographing yourself is that the light should be in front of you, not behind you. If you are unable to achieve an ideal lighting setup, keep in mind that natural light is the best option; use windows to your advantage.

Join Early: Begin early to avoid last-minute technological challenges that could jeopardize your effort. Starting a job interview stressed and distracted is not a smart idea. Arriving 10 minutes before the start of a meeting is also a good idea. It is critical that you are online and logged in before the virtual interview in order to request entrance to the room three or five minutes prior to your scheduled interview time. 

No Interruptions: So, when interviewing for a job, you want to make sure you are not interrupted by distractions. Take care not to allow interruptions from family members, pets, or children during the interview. The interview can be a difficult test, and it is important to make the best impression possible.

Eyes on the Camera: In the Virtual Zoom interview, eye contact is key. When responding to a question or speaking, ensure that you are looking into the camera lens, not at yourself on the screen. This is why you want to position the camera lens at eye level. Consider taping something, like a Post-It note with eyes, just above your camera lens as a reminder to look at the camera at all times.

Prepare: Research the company. One factor that may impair your ability to find employment is a lack of investigation into the company and role. They want to know that a prospective employee has done their homework and shown a genuine interest in working for the organization. A great place to begin is by conducting research on the company's website and gathering basic information about them.

  • Who is the owner or CEO?

  • What are the company's goals, mission and values?

  • What is the company culture like?

  • What does the role entail?

Employers will be impressed with your enthusiasm and attention to detail. 

Interviewing Skills: The initial interview is a critical stage in the hiring process. The first interview reveals a great deal about you, including your ability to communicate and think critically, as well as your attention to detail and degree of professionalism.

To improve your interview skills, follow these suggestions:

  • Keep your responses brief and clear. Interviewers seek direct and simple answers to their questions. If they ask for an example, this is the moment to go into greater detail with your response while staying on track..

  • Speak positively or neutrally about jobs and managers in the past. It is important to speak positively about previous jobs because this demonstrates your maturity and ability to resolve conflicts. Discuss the issue and solution of a difficult past experience while remaining neutral or positive regarding the other parties involved.

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