The Transition Struggles of Veterans: From Military to Civilian Careers

Nov 10, 2023





Every year, an estimated 250,000 military veterans¹ rejoin civilian society, encountering the enormous task of conforming to workforce dynamics that are markedly different from their past professional lives. Navigating the transition from military duties to civilian careers necessitates mindful attention and extensive support to surmount the inherent challenges.

Veterans frequently struggle with adapting their specific military roles and responsibilities to equivalent civilian job titles. This can be attributed to unique job functions, education, and skills acquired during their time in the military, which don't always align directly with civilian job titles. This divergence often leads to inadequate job placements, which doesn't harness the full potential of veterans or match their considerable expertise.

Consequently, there is an alarming trend of veteran underemployment. Research indicates that veterans are 15.6% more likely² to be underemployed compared to civilians. This not only disappoints veterans but also represents economic inefficiency as veterans are an untapped resource of exceptional discipline and skills.

Moreover, concerning reports reveal that 76% of primary industries³ fail to properly exploit or compensate veterans for their skills and abilities. This mismanagement of talent can yield lower job satisfaction and impose financial burdens on those who have honorably served their nations.

The fundamental predicament lies in the deficiency of resources and guidance for veterans who are steering through the intricate military-to-civilian career transition. This is where the innovative solution provided by Resumas, particularly its new feature Military-to-Civilian Career Explorer "milXwalk", emerges as an indispensable asset for job-seeking veterans.

Resumas innovative feature "milXwalk" is curated to act as a conduit between military tenure and the civilian job market. This distinctive feature provides a streamlined way for veterans to explore career opportunities that coincide with their Military Occupation Classification (MOC) or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) codes.

The power of "milXwalk" stems from its capacity to match skills, tasks, education, and training acquired in the military to comparable roles in the civilian world. Although every military role may not have a precise civilian equivalent, "milXwalk" is designed to suggest career paths that mirror military experiences, thereby minimizing potential underemployment and subpar remuneration among veterans.

Resumas' Military-to-Civilian Career Explorer "milXwalk" has the potential to redefine how veterans tread their new civilian life journey. By effectively associating military skills with suitable job prospects, it aids veterans in securing roles that provide rightful remuneration, respect, and satisfaction.

Transitioning from military to civilian employment is a formidable task. Nevertheless, innovative tools like "milXwalk" can pave a smoother, more streamlined path towards success in the civilian workforce for veterans. This success story doesn't just reflect a triumph for veterans, but constitutes a substantial gain for industries set to benefit from this untapped pool of talent and expertise.

In our pursuit to bolster those who have served us, recognition and remedy of systemic challenges veterans encounter while transitioning into civilian workforce is crucial. With Resumas' Military-to-Civilian Career Explorer "milXwalk", there is an antidote for a smoother transition. It aids in redefining the perception and valuation of veterans' skills in the civilian job market, honoring their service, and enabling them to continue contributing meaningfully to society.

Resumas, the jobs seekers platform, expedites job seekers' progress towards securing interviews. It offers the capacity to personalize your resume for different jobs, or even to construct a new resume entirely. Utilize Resumas to enhance your LinkedIn profile's visibility through content optimization, which then makes it easier for recruiters to find you. Further, the unique "Military Crosswalk" feature simplifies the task of mapping veteran skills to civilian roles using MOS & MOC codes. In essence, Resumas provides the fundamental tools for your successful job hunt.


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